Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Grading the Morning Experience

For morning swimmers, it's not always sunshine and roses and unicorns as we dance our way to the pool in the dark days of late fall and winter. I have had a number of conversations with lanemates about the unique aspect of each step of the process, and for today's blog, I will put a letter grade on each step.

Step 1: Alarm going off at 5am, getting out of warm bed to cold room: C (it is not an D because we actually GET out of bed)
Step 2: Drinking coffee in warm car, finally waking up, driving to swimming: A (extra credit applied here for getting up, and self satisfaction for positive trajectory to pool).
Step 3: Walking on to toasty warm pool deck and seeing your fellow teammates and coach Bill: A (why else would we do this?)
Step 4: Talking on deck for so long that coach yells at you: B (see A above - it's social for heaven's sake, coach Bill!)
Step 5: Jumping in to cold pool and the first 500 yards: D (this really is the worst part of the morning swim. For those who say it isn't, I simply don't believe you. There have been times that I make it to step 4 and then can't move on to step 5).
Step 6: Doing the workout: A (always an A, even if we feel crappy and complain)
Step 7: Walking from toasty pool deck into Antarctica (also known as the locker room): C (try it yourself - it's shocking)
Step 8: The spa showers at MIT Z-Center and chatting with the ladies: A+ (what can I say - great locker room and great company)
Step 9: Driving to work, knowing you did the first 8 steps: A++

Overall, because actually doing the workout carries more weight, I give the overall morning experience an A because Steps 6 and 9 are the most important.  Today was distance day! Great job Hubbard for your steady pace.

300 warmup
200 drill/swim by 25 :20r
4 x 50 reverse IM :60
200 swim :20r
2 x 100 on 1:40
1650 swim
2 x 100 sprint on 2:30
800 swim