Friday, April 26, 2013

Owning our Weirdness

Master's swimmers can be a little quirky. Given that many are organized and driven during their day jobs, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that many swimmers want some structure during workouts. Case in point, there is a general rule that you don't finish a set or a workout on a 50, like 3250 or 4650. You will always swim that extra 50. Similarly, while it is okay to finish on an odd number for a hundred, you never finish on an odd number if you are close to a big-time even number. For example, 3700 is fine, but 3900 is not fine. You are too close to 4000 so you pretty much have to swim the extra 100. This sounds crazy, but most swimmers are reading this and saying "yup". Today was a little tough for any swimmers with mild to moderate compulsive tendencies. The paper was up on the board, but we realized quickly that we would not be able to finish the workout in the allotted time. This caused a great deal of consternation amongst a majority of swimmers. So we got through 3/4 of the workout and the time expired, leaving many people wonderful "what if..."

400 warmup
2 x 100 going: 25 drill - 25 swim :20r
3 (4 x 25) IM order :30
200 free :15r
8 x 50 IM order :55
Main set:
100 on 1:40
200 on 3:00
300 on 4:15
400 on 6:00
500  on 7:05
600 on 8:30
500 on 7:05
What we did not do:

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nicely Done, Joe

Our friend and MIT Masters teammate Joe Kurtz returned to the pool today, just three days after running in the Boston Marathon. Joe had an amazing race, and those of us who saw how hard he was training knew that this day was important to him. As we saw him run by us at mile 18, he had the biggest smile on his face. But many, like Joe, most likely will never celebrate their races because of what happened. Joe penned his thoughts after the event, and I wanted to highlight them again because they capture what many of us are thinking and feeling. Well done, Joe, all around.

Read Joe's comments

Thank you to Charlie Abrahams for posting this.

The workout today:

200 swim
200 free (25 drill - 25 swim)
2 x 100 (reverse IM)
200 free (make each 50 faster)
5 x 100's  free focus on extension, catch, power, finish, recovery
Three times thru:
200 free  3:00
100 free  1:15
50 stroke  :50
100 free  1:20
50 stroke  :55
150 free   2:00
100 free   1:45
150 free   2:00
100 free   1:40
6 x 75
1-2: :60
3-4: 1:05
5-6: 1:10

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Today is another beautiful spring weather day in Boston, much like the beautiful day we had yesterday before the unthinkable happened. It's hard for many of us to put into words how horrible the events of yesterday were. On Patriot's Day, the best day of the year in the best city in the country, families took their kids to watch the marathon and someone decided that their lives would end or be changed forever. Honestly, it really never crossed my mind that this would happen. Today all of my energy and prayers are with the families who lost loved ones, or who are clinging to life, or who lost their hearing, or who are still in shock over what they experienced or saw firsthand. In days to come we learn more about why this happened, hear of people we know who are impacted, and we will put our energy into helping the people and their families who bore the brunt of this evilness. We will be reminded of the psyche of this great city, which is filled with strong-willed and resilient people.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Close to Me

I absolutely love my new Keurig coffeemaker, because in addition to making a delicious cup of coffee, it makes it so fast that I can sleep in an extra 10 minutes in the morning before going to swim practice (yes, I am open to selling advertising space here  - call me!). The only problem I have found is that when I turn it on and the water starts to heat up, the noise sounds EXACTLY like the first few bars of The Cure's song "close to me", a cult favorite from the 80's. To those of you with those machines I apologize in advance, because what will happen is that you also will hear what I am talking about, and you will have that song in your head for the rest of the day. I now have to play other songs in my car on the way in to to swim to get it out of my head. I love The Cure, but not in my wildest dreams did I think that my new coffeemaker would bring me back to my college days. I got my butt kicked today, which is a good thing. I need to get back into a routine.

200 warmup
three times thru:
25 underwater swim
50 all drill
75 free: build by 25
75 IM no free
4 x 50 count strokes free on :45
4 x 50 count strokes stroke on :55
100 on 1:20
200 on 2:40
300 on 4:05
400 on 5:30
500 on 6:40
4 x 200 stroke or IM on :40r
200 pull