Sunday, January 29, 2017

Kitchen Sink Workout!

On-deck selfie required!
I had the good fortune of being on deck at the Harvard Club Swim workout on Sunday - my first official trip to Blodgett Pool since the New England Masters Championships last year. There is an old adage that says something like "those who can't swim (temporarily), coach" and I was happy to have the opportunity. The Club Swim team is comprised of undergraduates and some graduate students and much like a master's team there are swimmers of all abilities. They also really like each other and have fun swimming. It's basically just like master's except they are all 30 years younger than we are and go eat in the dining hall afterward. I met several of them at the activities fair in the fall, and safe to say they successfully recruited me! Thanks particularly to Reed Shaw who made it happen (he also happens to be a great swimmer!)

I really threw the kitchen sink at them in terms of the workout - it really was everything I wanted to do all in one workout, with the exception of distance. It should be noted that although I do not kick and despise kicking,  I did throw in 2 x 50 kick. Interestingly, much like the "master's option" that many of us take advantage of, some swimmers used what I now call the "club swim option" to do whatever they really wanted.

Here is the workout:

Warm Up
200 free easy
8 x 25’s IM order
200 free going 25 drill – 25 swim
4 x 50 descend by 50
200 free going 50 kick-50 swim

100 IM                                                          
100 free negative split           
200 IM                                                        
100 free negative split
5 x 300 going:
300 pull                    
2 x 150 IM order no free
3 x 100 free
4 x 75 choice
6 x 50 odds fast/evens easy on
Sprint set

2 x 50 fast on 1:10
1 x 50 ez           
 3 x 50 fast on  1:05       
1 x 50 ez         
4 x 50 fast on  :55        2 x 50 ez on    :60            
5 x 50 fast on  :45          

2 x 50 ez 
These poor kickboards got no use, but they are nice!