Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Human Garmin

Many of my friends train with a Garmin, tracking distance, pace, splits, mood, and whatever else the device does. I just started to use one for my running and it delightfully tells me how slow I am. It even "auto-paused" during a hill repeat yesterday because it detected that I stopped when I didn't. In any case, I'm pretty sure that nobody else has what we at MIT Masters have in the pool - the Human Garmin, also known as Joe Kurtz. You need to hold a consistent pace for an 800? Joe can do that. Need to descend 2 seconds each 100 in a 400? Better have Joe leading. And I think the HG is more accurate than the electronic device, and the battery doesn't run out during the workout. This trusty HG frustrates swimmers who want to blast out the set fast and tend to die at the end. An unscientific poll of my lanemates found that everyone loves to swim with the HG because he is so consistent. It's a good lesson for everyone on how to swim a workout and I'm just grateful that I get to reap the benefits at swim practice!

Today's workout

Warmup (I did zero because I slept in)
8 x 75 drill/swim :15r
Twice thru:
4 x 25 fly
100 kick
800 hold consistent pace
2 x 50 free :60
8 x 25 backstroke :30
400 hold pace on 6:00
400 descend by 100 on 6:00
2 x 50 free
8 x 25 breaststroke on :30

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spinner Fail

I am not at all surprised that the suit spinner in the ladies locker room is broken. For those of you not lucky enough to have a suit spinner in your locker room, it is a neat little device that drys your suit in 3 to 5 seconds. The key to that statement is 3 to 5 seconds. My locker is right by the spinner, so I see it all. Despite the dire warning signs on the lid [DO NOT PUT IN TWO SUITS! DO NOT PRESS DOWN FOR MORE THAN 10 SECONDS} I swear that some people bring their laundry into the locker room to take it for a spin instead of using the traditional clothes dryer. Or, more frequently, they press down on the spinner for it seems like 5 minutes until the motor is sputtering and waning. I can almost hear the little motor in the spinner saying "help (gasp) me (gasp) somebody (gasp)!" People even do this when there is a line for the spinner, oblivious to the fact that others want their 3 to 5 seconds. Truth be told, 3 seconds is perfect, and it doesn't ruin your suit. I guess I am a little obsessed about this as evidenced by an entire blog entry, but oh well.

On the bright side, I recently discovered the absolute best deal in town next door to the pool at LaVerdes Market: A cappuccino and an egg and cheese sandwich combo for $3! That is half the cost of Starbucks and tastes better! I'm also happy that the students have reasonably priced good food.

Thank you Jacki for the workout today...

300 warmup
8 x 50 going odds drill/swim evens stroke/free on :60
4 x 500 broken going:
200 pull on 3:00
150 swim on 2:10
100 free on 1:30 (odds) and 1:45 IM (evens)
50 on :60
6 x 75 sprint or stroke first 25, 50 easy on 1:15
5 x 50 on :55 going: descend 1-3, easy 4, sprint 5
100 cool down

Monday, September 16, 2013

50 is the new 50

As I got ready to go to practice this morning I heard a story on the news about a recent study that showed that people are happiest at age 50. How perfect for today, when our friend E turns 50! I get a little annoyed at all of these phrases that say (x) is the new (-20 years younger). No, fifty is not the new thirty, 50 is the NEW 50. At some point, we have to say THIS is what fifty is - healthy, strong, wise - and embrace our years not try to push back the clock. I hope I am as fit and strong at 50 as  E is and all the others who have gone before me. :)

We had a special workout for her this morning designed by BB and Coach Bill. Lots of fun, the only time I will actually enjoy 50s.

300 warmup
6 x 100 on :30r
The Developmental Years
10x50 drill/swim by 25's  on 55
Alternate free/stroke
The Experimental Years
10x50 IM order on 55
Last two 25fly/25bk & 25br/25fr
The Racing Years
5x50 free on 45
5x50 alternate stroke/free  on 55/40
5x50 free on 40
The Transition Years
10x50 odds stroke/even free on 50/40
Gaining Perspective Years
5x50 on 50 free  fast odds free, evens stroke on 1:20
Looking ahead
1x50 choice

A special newsletter in honor of E